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Who is Jude Love?

I've had a career that has galloped through newspapers and magazines, environment and housing charities, teaching, libraries and a meandering side path through millinery, Greek Island builders labourer and teatowelist (still one of my businesses and my loves - see my side hustle, Love And West).

The common thread within this disparate career 'path' has been communicating. I love to clarify the way things are communicated. This was what underscored my career as a photo editor for some of the strongest mastheads in Australia: creating a visual shorthand for a story, that sells it before a word is read.

The same is true for websites. Since starting Love Communications more than 10 years ago, I've built websites that build businesses for solopreneurs, small and medium sized companies and NGOs, and I have found the biggest difficulty clients have is knowing how to communicate on their websites in a way that will engage their customers and clients instantly and attracts the best results on search engines. A website has never been easier to build, but unless that site promotes your value and the transformation you deliver, it's not going to return on investment.

In an increasingly congested marketplace, the true standout for your business, service, career is YOU. Your website should promote your value and the results you can give clients.

I want the web and the world to be a better place and the way I can help that is for my clients to flourish in whatever form their Personal Brand takes.


Personal Brand website workshop

Over 90-minutes we'll deep dive into the motivations for and outcomes you want with your Personal Brand



Personal Brand website made with you

We'll build your site with you - your content and copy, my framework and guidance


Personal Brand website made for you

We'll interview to write your copy and gather images, graphics, testimonials and anything else needed to build for you, your way.

"Creating a web site gave me the confidence to conceive my “brand” and understand its potential, its values and future possibilities. It’s an empowering exercise. Without it I would have been far less aware of what I can, and hope to, achieve."

Lenny Ann Low, journalist, author, performer

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