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Personal Brand Expert | Labrador tragic

Who's promising more sales and dream clients?

My career has galloped through wordpress specialist, graphic design, information management, Greek Island builders' labourer and teatowelist (still one of my businesses and passions, see my side hustle, Love And West).

Throughout my varied career, the consistent theme has been communication. I have a passion for clarifying how things are communicated, which was a driving force in my role as a photo editor for leading publications in Australia. I focused on creating a visual shorthand that sells a story before a single word is read.

Websites need clear and engaging content to attract customers and perform well on search engines.

Many clients struggle with effectively communicating their brand and values. In my 10+ years with Love Communications, I've built websites that sell services - every site is a sales communication machine.

Building a website is easier than ever, but unless it communicates your value and the transformation you deliver for your clients and customers, it won't give you ROI.

In today's competitive market, the real standout is YOU. Communicate your unique value and emphasize the transformative results your customers can expect.

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Stand out in a crowded market.
Show your value, skills, authority, and outcomes in every aspect of your brand.

"Creating a web site gave me the confidence to conceive my “brand” and understand its potential, its values and future possibilities. It’s an empowering exercise.
Without it I would have been far less aware of what I can, and hope to, achieve."

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- Lenny Ann Low - 
Journalist, Author, Performer
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