Your Voice.
Your Message.
Your Audience.

Your Voice. Your Message. Your Audience.


Your Voice. Your Message. Your Audience.




Grow your business, reach your audience, attract leads and make sales with a Business branded with your Personality, that continuously, consistently and consciously speaks to YOUR audience, for YOU.

In business, retail or YOUR career, Branding is essential. It's the value and values YOU show the world - the sense of YOU that exists beyond personal interaction.

Simplify and amplify YOUR message and reach your clients and customers online with my BUSINESS PERSONAL BRAND PATHWAY: site + marketing that speaks in YOUR voice, with YOUR message to YOUR audience


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The Roadmap

When you're building a business with personal, expert knowledge at its heart, you need to connect quickly and deeply. My Personal Brand Pathway is a roadmap for marketing that shows your solution, your value and values to fast track sales.

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Your ideal clients

Attract clients and customers who you like working with, for whom you get great results, who can afford you and can afford to implement your advice and services.

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A business that works

Website and marketing that speaks to your audience in your voice with your message. Deliver your expertise, products and services through a Personal Business Brand that runs like clockwork.

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"Creating a web site gave me the confidence to conceive my “brand” and understand its potential, its values and future possibilities. It’s an empowering exercise. Without it I would have been far less aware of what I can, and hope to, achieve."

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- Lenny Ann Low - 
Journalist, Author, Performer
Responsive Personal Branding websites

Personal Brand Business Building
in Your voice with Your message to Your audience

Your personality and expertise, unique value, skills, talents and achievements - without distraction.

Stand out from the crowd and be seen and heard by your ideal clients with your unique
Personally Branded Business.


I’m on a Personal Brand mission: to help you grow your business, make better decisions, quickly, raise your profile, gain confidence, follow your passions, propel your career or change direction through marketing that amplifies your message and funnels your audience.

An online Personal BusinessBrand cheerleader, graphic designer, web developer, labrador tragic, my career has curved through information management, social justice and environment NGOs, broadsheet newspapers and some of the top mastheads in Australia. I've run Love Communications for more than 10 years, helping clients as diverse as Chief Executive Women and education charities, homewares and fashion stores and solo-preneurs.

I grow businesses through course building, membership sites, ecommerce and portfolio sites, delivering great user experience that google loves, design, marketing, strategy, technical support - removing the headaches so you can get on with profit and growth.

Personal branding Australia

Jude's insightful questions allowed me to rethink my messaging for both of my businesses. More importantly it helped me make some big decisions about my future direction and where to put my focus.

Many thanks, Jude, for your assistance in helping me gain clarity.

Jennifer Gale Personal Brand Workshop client
- Jennifer Gale - 
JG Consulting and Pink Hat Digital


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FAQs about building a Personal Business Brand

I talk with you about what Your Brand means - to you and your customer. What are your pressing needs, what is your digital footprint, and how you would like me to help.

I've built out The Personal Brand pathway which is designed for all types of businesses. From understanding and articulating your value and values, your service and how to speak to your customers about the problems you solve, I help business owners who are stuck: stuck at a financial threhsold, unable to reach new customers, unable to connect with the reason why you started the business, or with the energy, vigour and love you once had for your business.

Do you need more sales, or customers, are you marketing a book, a product, a process, a course?

Everyone's goals are different although there are commonalities within solutions for moving forward. This is why I created the Personal Business Brand Pathway.

Yes, we'll create branding for Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter and any other social banners you need.

We can support you with social media posting - your content or we can create.

We can also design business cards that will complement the site and social design

We love to be the marketing support for our clients. Your website is an essential element of your outreach - it's where you control the narrative and gain the leads, and its important to drive traffic back to site from your outreach.

We'll discuss who is your audience and where they spend time online - are they on LinkedIn or Clubhouse? Do they tweet or blog? 

We'll help you translate your message into a great sign up reward for gaining email data (to whom you'll deliver relevant, strong content)

We'll help you develop an outreach strategy that suits your business goals, your message and your available time. 

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Want to know more? I'd love to talk through what you need, what you already have and what you are working toward

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