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for Professionals and

Love your Personal Brand
Grow your Impact
Reach your clients and customers

Transform your Personal Brand from nearly ready to Rock Star

Want to reach more people, faster?

Want better clients, greater income and more opportunities?

Want to take your brand, message, site and socials from
Ho Hum to Hell Yeah?

Let's partner on your Personal Brand Pathway.

When you're building a business with personal, expert knowledge at its heart, you need to connect quickly and deeply.

My Personal Brand Pathway is a roadmap to messaging and marketing that shows your solution, your value and values to fast track sales. It transforms tech overwhelm into a strategy and roadmap

Love your Brand

  • Tell your Story
  • Position yourself and your business
  • Clarify your value proposition
  • Logo design, brand style guide, brand materials

Build your Brand

  • Website
  • Socials: LI, IG, FB - a look, feel and strategy for any and all the platforms you're on
  • Compelling content and copy for site, socials and beyond

Broadcast your Brand

  • Lead Generation
  • Grow your authority with expert content
  • Sell your services through great products

Your expertise and authority + your website and marketing
= Your ideal clients and audience. Fast, efficient, on repeat!


➱ On a mission with a message

➱ Freelance, a consultant or professional in need of online portfolio, contact + booking

➱ Changing career, changing up or changing direction?

Let's create a stunning online brand so you can run a joyful, impactful, efficient and profitable business

Your personality and expertise are a beacon to your ideal clients and audience

Your skills, talents and achievements create your Pathway to a distinct Personal Brand.


Great Personal Brands:

My clients know, it's easier to remember, connect with, trust and refer an individual.

That's why a Personal Brand: a tangible, recognisable humanity, is essential for sales, referrals and engagement.

Your online presence: site, socials, responses and interactions can all be one beautifully consistent and recognisable voice.

"Creating a web site gave me the confidence to conceive my “brand” and understand its potential, its values and future possibilities. It’s an empowering exercise.
Without it I would have been far less aware of what I can, and hope to, achieve."

Lenny ann Low journalist performer
- Lenny Ann Low - 
Journalist, Author, Performer
Responsive Personal Branding websites

Frequently Asked Questions about building a Personal Business Brand

Using my Personal Brand Pathway, I take you through building your brand online: Define, Build and Make yourself known.

We work together to clarify what Your Brand means - to you and your customer. What are your pressing needs, what is your digital footprint, and how you would like me to help.

Everyone's goals are different although there are commonalities within solutions for moving forward. This is why I created the Personal Business Brand Pathway.

Yes, we'll create branding for Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter and any other social banners you need.

We can support you with social media posting - your content or we can create.

We can also design business cards that will complement the site and social design

We love to be the marketing support for our clients. Your website is an essential element of your outreach - it's where you control the narrative and gain the leads, and its important to drive traffic back to site from your outreach.

We'll help you develop an outreach strategy that suits your business goals, your message and your available time. 


A Personal Business Brand cheerleader (and labrador tragic). I’m on a mission to help you:

  • grow your business
  • make better decisions, quickly,
  • raise your profile,
  • gain confidence,
  • follow your passions,
  • propel your career
  • or change direction through marketing that amplifies your message and funnels your audience.

I offer safe and expert hands to help you productise your expertise, develop online courses, memberships, ecommerce or portfolio sites.

I remove the headaches and allow you to get on with profit, sales and growth.

Design, marketing, strategy, support and technical assistance, delivered with love.

Personal branding Australia

Jude's insightful questions allowed me to rethink my messaging for both of my businesses. More importantly it helped me make some big decisions about my future direction and where to put my focus.

Many thanks, Jude, for your assistance in helping me gain clarity.

Jennifer Gale Personal Brand Workshop client


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