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e-commerce, branding, marketing + more

Visibility and reach, for individuals, small business and solopreneurs.

define your personal brand


  • Discovery: Your offer, your audience, your products, its cost
  • Audit:  Where are you now - is your message consistently selling your service?
  • Your Story: A narrative that connects with your audience.
  • Values + Value Proposition: Targeted content for your ideal clients.
  • Positioning + Priorities: A plan and strategy.
Build your Personal Brand


  • Brand look + feel: colours, logo, font, web design, whether its a redesign, or starting afresh
  • Design + build: site and socials
  • Content and copy: SEO copy for humans and search engines
  • Portrait shoot: a photo brief for confidence, that covers everything you need
Broadcast your Personal Brand


  • SEO: search engines love good copy, sprinkled with keywords, fast sites and people who solve their audience's problems.
  • Outreach: content calendars to make socials a breeze
  • Expertise: authority and thought leadership
  • Leads: an email list that loves the expert content you send
  • Digital services + products: courses, content and copy

Sell your service, reach your audience, grow your business



The BRAND LAB Workshop


  • Where are you now, and where are you going in your Personal Brand journey?
  • Brand Values + Services: your motivations, your ideal clients and collaborations, what services will you deliver
  • You get:
    Focus, Strategy, website site map, written overview and next steps, an audio of our conversation to listen back to at your leisure

Monthly Personal Brand support


  • Brand Lab workshop + online profile audit: the perfect start to building your Personal Brand online
  • One month or many - you set your pace
  • Site Build and social media
  • Step by step implementation of the Personal Brand Pathway
  • An end to the overwhelm and stress that's preventing you from taking the next step

Your Personal Brand, my expertise

From $5000

  • Your Personal Business Brand without headaches
  • Website build, copy and content
  • 6 months ongoing Business support
  • Productised services + ecommerce: products, offers, courses: online, on-brand
  • Expertise and accountability
Personal branding Australia


Time is precious, that's why I specialise in building a strong online presence for individuals turning their expertise into an expert business.

Tech support and partnership to get you online quickly, kick-start earnings, and attract your dream clients.

I was amazed at how quickly and succinctly Jude got to the core of my brand. I'd always stumble to explain what I do, but she got it.

The questions Jude asked certainly pushed my buttons, made me think outside the box, about my business and myself and I'm now clearer on focusing my services around what brings me joy.

I'd recommend working with Jude to anyone who wants clarity around their brand and how to market it effectively.

Kara lambert personal brand

-Kara Lambert-
Psychologist and Business Coach


I know your time is already stretched thin.  A discovery session will clarify what you want to say, who is your ideal audience and how we can build out offers and a strong presence to reach them.

My Personal Brand Pathway is a proven roadmap for the busy and time poor who know that building a strong Personal Brand, that engages with your audience directly and solves their 3am problems.

Personal Branding is finding your uniqueness, building a reputation on the things your expertise, values and value, and then showing up consistently so you are forever associated with these.

The Brand Lab  will help you articulate what you want to tell the world as you - as your Personal Brand. We'll step through a range of questions about your vision, your values, your ethos, your message, your services and your audience. 

The conversation will be recorded and sent back to you and I'll send you a document outlining where you land with your personal brand (spoiler alert - sometimes it's not where you started!) From there we have the content and copy, the offer and audience, which are the essential building blocks of your Personal Brand

The Brand Lab workshop focuses your message and identifies your ideal audience. We unravel your roadblocks, prioritise and plan the road map to get you where you want to go. 

Like any good tailor, this is a fitting session for your website, marketing and personal brand. 

From here we work together to clarify any offers or business elements you need for your business.

It's here that we agree the copy and content needed for your message for site and socials.

By the end of the 2 hours of questions, answers and conversation, we'll both better understand where you are now, what is your expertise, your brand promises and brand values

This is essential to establish the brand tone for design, content and copy  that will align with your best clients.

We'll determine your key messages, your website service pages and where we can build products that are efficient and valuable: a thorough road map for building your personal brand.  

I recommend you own your name as the URL - this protects your name and your domain. 

Buy your domain name here

Get both the .com and version of your name.

If your name isn't available - hello Jane Smith and Beyoncé Giselle Knowles, try a version with an initial, or your location or another distinguishing feature, eg or

In a personal brand website, it's important to have a strong portrait.

We'll recommend photographers that will make you feel at ease. I'll also talk through some looks and poses so you're prepared for a photo shoot, and provide you with a photographic brief for hero shots for the site (at least 2 situations and moods), and for your own needs  - for social, business cards and profile images for appearances and events.

The time put into building your Brand with a strong online presence is up to you. Of course, the more time you can devote, the faster and more effective the result.

Below is an outline of the time commitment I will be asking for, for the best outcome for the Personal Brand Pathway:

  • 'Is this right for you' Initial conversation: 30 mins 
  • Brand Lab workshop: 90-120 mins
  • Weekly meetings: 1 hour
  • time to write content and copy 5+ hours
  • or, time to be interviewed for content and copy 5+ hours

In addition to the above, I recommend you put aside at least 1 day/week - on this day, we can schedule our weekly meetings, as well as time for developing social media and outreach (the events you'd like to speak at, the people you'd like to collaborate with)



We will make an audit of your site and online footprint if you already have one. We can build on an existing site, and power up the socials you have, with the messaging we agree on after the Brand Lab workshop.

If you need a new site, all going well, with written content signed off and images in place, our sites only take around 1 week to build. We know, from experience, that making time for design, content and image sign off can take a little time.

We aim to complete your site, from agreement to build, to a live site, in 4 weeks. If you have content ready to go, this will be much faster.



As long as you're on our client care plan, we will take care of anything that goes wrong with your site software. We also give you 1 hour/month for content updates and a discounted rate for any other updates or support you need (eg, if you want to add extra forms or products or any other function or information on the site).


Whether you have content ready to go, an audience in mind and clear messaging,


you want to start building your Personal Brand but not sure where to start, we can help.

Book a totally sales free, quick brainstorming session with me, to build a plan for your Personal Brand.