FAQs about Personal Branding

FAQs personal branding

I know your time is already stretched thin, so let's think of this in steps:
1. Download our Personal brand guide in the footer
2. Think about what outcome you want for a Personal Brand
3. Book in a 30-minute call with me via the link below to talk things through.

4. If you feel as though working together will be a good fit, we can book in a  discovery workshop. Here, we'll clarify what you want to say, what pages you want to feature and what content is needed.

5. Moving on to site build, we can interview you and write the content for you or edit existing copy. Choose the Made With You or Made For You website build, we can provide a templated website you can fill in at your leisure, or build it all for you. 

We're happy to accommodate whatever fits with your needs or your time frame.

On a personal brand website, it's important to have a strong portrait. We'll recommend photographers that will make you feel at ease and provide you with a photographic brief for hero shots for the site (at least 2 situations and moods), and for your own needs  - for social, business cards and profile images for appearances and events.

All going well, with written content signed off and images in place, our sites only take around 2 days to build. We know, from experience, that making time for design, content and image sign off can take a little time.

We aim to complete your site, from agreement to build, to a live site, in 4 weeks. If you have content ready to go, this will be much faster.

I recommend you own your name as the URL - this protects your name, and your domain. You can buy your domain name here:

Register both the .com and the .com.au version of your domain name. If your name is already taken - hello Jane Smith or JK Rowling, add your initial, or another version of the domain name eg:

  • janemsmith.com.au
  • janemsmith.com
  • janemariansmithSydney.com.au
  • janemariansmith.com.au

As long as you're on one of our client care plans, we will host your site with our fast, secure, dedicated wordpress site hosting . 

As long as you're on our client care plan, we will take care of anything that goes wrong with your site software. We also give you 1 hour/month for content updates and a discounted rate for any other updates or support you need (eg, if you want to add extra forms or products or any other function or information on the site).

The primary purpose of our initial discovery session is to agree goals for your website.

Are you seeking leads? Selling your service? Driving sales of a book, a product, a process, a course?

Everyone's goals are different and there will be times when we'll need to implement different software of functions to our site to support you in your goals.

Remember, these aren't set in stone. The brilliant thing about the way we build our sites is that it's very easy to make changes or add new services. Some clients, in starting on this process thought they wanted to mentor in the same field they were currently in, then realised they'd rather spend their time doing something completely different.

A personal brand site is where you can try on the different versions of you that you are thinking through for your next phase. 

Yes, you can purchase branding for Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter and any other social banners you need. We can also design business cards that will complement the site and social design

We love to be the marketing support for our clients. Your website is an essential element of your outreach - it's where you control the narrative and gain the leads, and its important to drive traffic back to site from your outreach.

We'll discuss who is your audience and where they spend time online - are they on LinkedIn or Clubhouse? Do they tweet or blog? 

We'll help you translate your message into a great sign up reward for gaining email data (to whom you'll deliver relevant, strong content)

We'll help you develop an outreach strategy that suits your business goals, your message and your available time. 

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