Our discovery workshop

Our Discovery and Audit workshop is a 90-minute session (recorded and delivered back to you as an audio file and a clearly outlined overview document) where we talk together to clarify your goals for your personal brand. You can't get to a point in the future without a plan. Our workshop focuses your intention and clears the path to express what you want to focus on through a Personal Brand. After our discussion, you have your pitch, your messaging, your site map and your content strategy, to attract your audience.

Over 90 minutes together, we'll explore:

  • WHY you're building your personal brand - what do you want to achieve with your Personal Brand and what this will look like - the spot on the horizon to sail toward
  • WHO is your audience
  • WHAT is your message

While there's no way to 'cram' for this workshop, it would be good, before our time together, to think about the following aspects of your brand, your current path, your work to date, your passions, interests and what direction you're heading.

  • What have you found most rewarding in your working life to date?
  • Who do you most enjoy working with?

    • a type of person?
    • a particular industry?
    • Clients with a specific issue?

  • What are your priorities for your personal brand:

    • financial?
    • change-making?
    • influencing?
    • thought leadership?

  • What will 'success' look like, for your personal brand?



You've worked hard for your career or business success and now you're putting the next phase in place. You have plans to broaden your portfolio career - through varied executive positions, as an agent of change, as a mentor, as speaker and influencer, consultant, or something 1 million miles west of what you're doing now. Whatever it is, you need an online destination to show the world you're more than your LinkedIn profile and, a pathway that brings your audience to you.

There aren't enough hours in the day to do it all yourself and you want a trusted partner to bring a beautiful, professional website to life, without the headaches. A team who can articulate your purpose, help you identify your audience and deliver a space where you can test out the next phase, whatever that looks like for you.

Take the headache out of getting online. We'll help you identify your Personal Brand goals and gather or write your content with you so you can effotlessly step into the next phase with an online presence you'll be proud to call a Brand New You.



90-minute Brand New You discovery workshop


  • Where are you and where are you going in your Personal Brand journey
  • Brand Values + Services: your motivations, what clients and collaborations are you seeking, what services will you deliver
  • You get: Brand New You overview, an audio of our conversation + COST IS REDEEMABLE AGAINST THE WEBSITE BUILD

you've got the content, you need the framework

From $2500

  • Your content placed into a design of your choice on a site built and hosted on our world class wordpress web hosting.
  • Ongoing support with our maintenance plan subscription
  • An end to that internal conversation about how to get a website up and running!

copy, content, framework delivered for you

From $5000

  • Online and on your way to a Brand New You with zero headaches
  • We interview you and write your website copy and content
  • Your site built from the design you choose and hosted on our fast, efficient, secure hosting
  • Ongoing support with our maintenance plan subscription

Stop the internal conversation and get started on the next step to a personal brand and thought leadership.

No time to build a website? Paralysed by the blank page? That's what we're here for. Our Personal Brand workshop prioritise your website messaging and page content. You'll step into your next phase with a clear, articulate, professional and  beautiful website that tells your story and shows your audience a Brand New You.

"I truly enjoyed the personal brand workshop with Jude.

Even though I am a little way along in my business journey it really helped me reflect on what I really stand for.
Judith's insightful questions allowed me to rethink my messaging for both of my businesses. More importantly, it helped me make some big decisions about my future direction and where to put my focus.

I have already started this with new network meetings and a decision to completely rewrite my professional website, which I have begun.

Many thanks, Judith for your assistance in helping me gain clarity."

Jennifer Gale - JG Consulting and Pink Hat Digital

Jennifer Gale pink hat digital


We'll schedule a discovery session and audit to help you gather, focus or create your content.