The 'Brand Lab' for Secret Women's Business members

Maximise the benefit of the September workshop with a Brand Lab session and give yourself the time, space and expertise to deeply interrogate, articulate and formulate your Personal Brand.

Through guided questions and deep conversation, over a 2-hour session, the Brand Lab delivers:

  • An end to overwhelm: clarity on the outcome you want from your Personal Brand: promotion, pay increase, change of direction, thought leadership
  • A plan to move forward: your expertise, authority and the values that build trust and show passions you want to be known for
  • Calm and focus with strategy for greater visibility: faster, quicker and easier
  • The first strategic step on the Pathway and guide for what the destination looks like
  • Time Efficiency with a Stop List to resist the distraction of tasks, shiny objects or projects that may be easy, but aren't on path to YOUR business and future.

You can't get to an outcome without a plan. The Personal Brand Lab focuses your intention, clears the path, writes the road map.

The Brand Lab

The LAB:
Focus, Messaging, Audience, Strategy, Products, Services, Treats

Download the Personal Brand Pathway guidebook and get a 10% saving on the Brand Lab workshop

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Why build a personal brand

WHY a personal brand?

To show your unique point of difference and stand out in the marketplace

What is your message for your Personal Brand

WHAT is the outcome?

To attract your ideal clients, your ideal work and build a sustainable direction you'll love

Who is your audience for your personal brand

WHO is your audience?

Those who can afford your service and recommendations, and for whom you'll deliver stellar outcomes

‘The way Jude draws out your experiences and personality through her questions and approach is truly amazing.

When I read [her] words about me, I was inspired.

Jude really has a way of capturing the essence of you.’


Anna Chipperfield
Founder | Secret Women's Business

Anna Chipperfield Founder Secret Womens Business



You've worked hard for your career or business success and now you're putting the next phase in place. You have plans to broaden your reach or build your portfolio career - through varied executive positions, as an agent of change, as a mentor, as speaker and influencer, consultant, or something 1 millimetre, or 1 million miles west of what you're doing now.

Whatever it is, you need a presence online that's uniquely you. 

Shows the world you're more than your LinkedIn profile. Build a pathway that brings your audience to you.

There aren't enough hours in the day to do it all yourself.  I'll help you bring a beautiful, professional website to life, without the headaches.

Articulate your purpose. Identify your audience, start your mission and broadcast your messagin in a space where you can test out the next phase, whatever that looks like for you.

Take the headache out of getting online. Identify your Personal Brand goals so you can effortlessly step into the next phase with an online presence in Your Voice, with Your Message for Your Audience.


Whether you have content ready to go, an audience in mind and clear messaging,


you want to start building your Personal Brand but not sure where to start, we can help.

Book a totally sales free, quick brainstorming session with me, to build a plan for your Personal Brand.