How to have a great portrait photo shoot

Get the best from your Portrait photo shoot

Strong, well composed and well lit branding photography: a great portrait photo shoot, is essential for your Personal Brand website, your social media, your business card, Speaker profile, to send out to podcasts with your pitch, and innumerable other applications. I’ve been a photo editor for many years and have worked on most of the…

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Resilience and your personal brand

Personal Brand to protect and insulate young woman on country lane with umbrella

As I write this post, a huge wind is howling past and through our small timber home on the hill. I’m hunkered in my home office as I am most days. It’s my constant. Designed for my needs and built for purpose, it delivers and protects, insulates and provides for me no matter how much…

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Personal brand = the freelancer’s parachute

Lenny Ann Low journalist

Many thanks to journalist Lenny Ann Low, for recounting a recent experience that reinforced her decision to create a strong personal brand website: “Jumping into the great unknown as a freelancer, after years in a salaried position within a big company, is a startlingly good way to understand your personal brand.  The first step is…

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Jacob Aldridge. Personal Brand pioneer

Jacob Aldridge business coach personal brand expert

I’ve been enthralled by Jacob Aldridge since his entry into this world with an impressively confident, remarkably consistent self image. He is the only person I know who had a fully formed Personal Brand by the time he started infant day care. I’ve been a willing performer in his many lounge room theatres, have cheered…

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Giving yourself time for creative thought

Jude Love reptile brain and future thinking

Humans have a luscious part of our brains that allow for creative, strategic, future thinking and exercising this, with daydreaming and imagination helps us strategise for the change we want to create in the world. I run my business from home. It’s Stan Lab and I alone, most of the time, with my wonderful developer,…

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Lenny Ann Low – journalist, performer, wonderful person

Lenny Ann Low, journalist

A journalist whose never had to put herself in the spotlight, I built Lenny a Personal Brand website to help her gain more writing work after choosing the freelance route following one of the many print media restructures. We met at the Herald, and both worked on the wonderful Good Weekend magazine. Always thoughtful, generous…

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