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You've got around 3 seconds for a visitor to decide your site is right. If you're on-point, you've then got no more than 30 seconds to get them to take that meaningful next step.

Make that time count, with my Home Page Template: 

  • An easy to follow, Step by Step guide +
  • A thorough Video overview 
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Ultimate Personal Brand website preparation list

Your most important sales page

Make a powerful first impression with a home page that speaks directly to your ideal client, shows You are The Solution they've been searching for and funnels them effortlessly through to your sales and services.

If your visitor doesn't know what you do, why they should trust you, how you can solve their problems and, what they should do next, they'll jump straight back to search results.

You've not only missed a sale, you've told Google you're not worth ranking (that magic serum that boosts your position in search results).

No matter what business you're running, you need a heroic, hardworking Home Page, that shows your expertise, authority and trustworthiness. 

It's your shop window and front door, that does all of the following and more:

  1. Tells the story of what you do
  2. Shows you know your clients' problems and solve them through services or products
  3. Engages emotionally
  4. Provides proof and trustworthiness
  5. Clearly shows what to do next, taking visitors on a clear pathway
  6. Is fast and works brilliantly on a mobile, telling Google you're serious about providing a great online experience that's mobile first

Turn browsers into buyers and casual click throughs into clients and customers.

Who's promising home page heroics?

I'm Jude Love - web builder, designer, labrador tragic. 

Since starting Love Communications more than 10 years ago, I've produced websites that build businesses that sell products and services a wide variety of clients and industries.

I've found the biggest roadblock to success and forward motion is knowing how to communicate online - through sites and marketing, in a way that will engage their customers and clients instantly and woo search engines.

A website has never been easier to build. The challenge is to clearly show on that site and all of your touchpoints, the transformation you deliver.

In an increasingly congested marketplace, the true standout for your business, service, career is YOU. Your website should promote your value and the results you can give clients.

I help my clients to flourish: to have an efficient business that sells their services and delivers their audience value - on repeat!

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Need some help getting your website together? Wish there was someone with whom you could spend an hour or so, to help you cross the 't's and dot the 'i's?

There is! Book an hour (or more) with me for some focused site coaching. The essential website solutions session:

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Have bought another coaching session."

"Perfect.This addressed my needs to a tee."

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