The Power of Receptivity: the key to sales and client success

I’ve had a great run of sales conversations lately and I’m happy to report, I think I’ve found the key to effective, efficient sales calls that land.

With practice, I’ve been able to replace my sales anxiety with calm and curiosity, through Receptivity.

With receptive, deep listening, I’m keyed into what this client needs. I’m able to see their urgent need, to know if my tools and skills are relevant, or if I can better help them by directing them elsewhere. My focus is listening for how can this encounter be transformative and efficient.

REceptivity the key to client success image of vintage woman listening on phone line

Receptivity isn’t a passive state.

It’s a dynamic force that can transform interactions and outcomes.

Here’s how:

  1. Awakening Engagement:
    Being receptive to the client AND to the way my skills meet their needs is an active state that keeps the conversation progressing positively.
    By staying fully receptive, I’m able to generate and maintain curiosity and engagement – an active, felt state that is the best mode for closing and agreement.
  2. Energy Flow: Being receptive to the energy flow in conversations allows me to ensure that clients are truly listening. When we’re both tuned in, we create a space where communication becomes easy, more meaningful and impactful:
    • Clients are listening to what they are saying aloud and where their spark and energy is flowing.
    • I’m ensuring clients are truly listening to my questions and my responses, while also learning through conversation.
  3. Expanding Energetic Space for calm and trust:
    Ensuring my energy is present and contained, neither shrinking from anxiety, or over-energised, keeps space for effective balanced communication. This calms and slows the process. From here, I’m better able to create a space of trust and connection.
  4. Tailored Solutions:
    While we may not need to create bespoke solutions for every client, receptivity allows us to receive insights into their pain points and needs. By asking open questions and truly listening, we can efficiently offer solutions from within our toolbox that address their concerns.
  5. Impactful Business: A thriving business isn’t just about profits (although no business can thrive without them), it’s about making a meaningful impact. Receptivity enables us to deeply understand our clients’ needs and provide solutions that truly serve them.
  6. Embodying Energy:
    The quickest way to win others over is by embodying the vibrant energy of our vision. When we radiate passion and purpose, it becomes magnetic and draws others in.

When you’re confident in your Personal Brand and have already filtered clients by clearly messaging your expertise, authority, skills and services, your sales conversations start from a place of familiarity.

Actively tuning into the needs, energies and aspirations of potential clients supports the messaging you’ve been broadcasting through your Personal Brand. It’s the conduit through which meaningful connections are formed, impactful solutions are delivered, and lasting success is achieved.

Receptivity is the guiding force in our journey towards making a difference.


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