The Brand Lab brand workshop


Show the world what makes you special – the unique talents that only you bring to the table

After our 2-hour workshop, you’ll have focus, eye-opening clarity and a road map for your personal brand so you can move forward quickly and easily to build a unique, visible online profile.


You can’t reach your goals without a plan.

Share value, sell your services, clarify your purpose value and values with my specialised, expert workshop. The Personal Brand Lab focuses your intention, clears the path, writes the road map. After this workshop you’ll have:

  • clarity on the values and passions, products and services that are the framework of your brand
  • a plan and strategy for greater visibility: faster, quicker and easier
  • a road map and guide for what that destination looks like
  • a Stop List so you’re not distracted by shiny objects or lured back into projects that may be easy, but aren’t on path to brand YOU.
  • a script and a site map for your Personal Brand website and socials content and copy
  • an end to overwhelm and procrastination

Drive change, move to a new role, elevate your career, become the thought leader you want to be.

“The way Jude draws out your experiences and personality through her questions and approach is truly amazing.  When I read Jude’s words about me, I was inspired. Jude really has a way of capturing the essence of you – your Personal Brand.”

Anna Chipperfield,
Founder, Secret Women’s Business


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