Visibility Audit


Are you showing up clearly and consistently?
Are your calls to action directing you audience into your sales pipeline?
Are your website and socials selling your products and services and telling your story to your ideal client?
1. where you are now
2. where there are gaps and opportunities
3. whether you’re showing up in the way you want to be seen by clients, customers and your audience
4. how you can make gains and what’s working well now.

This clear and understandable audit report includes an overview of your current website and social media presence, and outlines:
1. your message
2. keywords and ranking
3. your products
4. your lead funnel and mailing list
5. your social media profile footprint


It’s easier to set a course to where you want to go, when you know where you are now.

Is what you’re doing online showing your Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness in a clear and consistent way?

With our  website and socials audit, you’ll get a full and easy to understand report that shows how your messaging is selling your brand, where you’re doing brilliantly, and where improvements can be made.


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