Personal Brand Pathway month by month

$500.00 / month

We’ll work together to build your Personal Brand through my Personal Brand Pathway.
Over 3-6 months, we’ll work through Discovery to uncover the motivations and outcomes for your Personal Brand, through Design and Broadcast to get your Personal Business Brand message to your audience.


Build your strong personal brand with me over 3-6 months

Working through the Personal Brand Pathway, we’ll spend time discovering and clarifying your values and value, designing and building your Personal Brand online, then broadcast to your audience through lead generation, social media, SEO and consistent messaging

We’ll work together over 3-6 months to get your messaging online in a beautiful, powerful, consistent and meaningful way.

  • First month: Brand Lab workshop + digital footprint audit.
  • Weekly meetings: 1 hour, or fortnightly 90 minutes
  • Month by month strategy to build a strong, deep brand online, across site and socials
  • Together we’ll build the Personal Brand you want to achieve: whether it’s client Services, an online course, more speaking and appearances.

$500 paid monthly


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