The Pandemic resignation boom and your Personal Brand

With the many pandemic-related upheavals underpinning change across workplaces and businesses, a clearly articulated personal brand site, online and working for you 24/7, has never been more important.

Uncertainty, slow downs, growth, personal epiphanies, and burnout [thankyou for your tireless energy and dedication health workers 👏 ] has made the work place more fluid than ever.

Make the most of your Personal Brand while the great resignation boom picks up speed.

  1. Interrogate your reasons for change.
    Thinking change of career, a pivot in direction, a full detour? Flux is in the air, especially as movement restrictions segue into boredom, however, change for change sake is rarely rigorous reasoning.

    Take this opportunity to look at where you are, who you help, who you want to work with, your achievements, your plans, the broader industry landscape and map out your direction. Would a pay increase, larger company share, change of hours or a sabbatical give you the space you need to rediscover energy for what you’re doing, or, with any or all of these, would you still want to pursue a new path?

  2. Advocate for yourself
    Having interrogated your motivation, you still want to get moving. While change is the constant at the moment, conversations about what you need/want/envisage won’t be unexpected. Clarify what you want, articulate it and present it to your line manager or business partner, making the conversation personal, of course – you can’t can’t control the tone in an email.

    In lockdown? Congratulations – you have the added benefit of being able to have such a conversation from the comfort of your home, patting the dog, in pyjama pants if that gives you confidence or security. The point is, it’s your time and you can orchestrate the conversation to work for you.

  3. Be professional
    While I may have just advised you have a career strategy meeting in your pjs, I’m not suggesting you approach this critical point in your career without professionalism. Exploring what you want, identifying and building an audience, making connections and delivering messages is easier with a professional website. Personalising this, writing content and inhabiting it so that it gets better and more representative of you becomes easier.

    A Personal Brand reinforces your expertise, value, passions, and achievements in one uncluttered location, without the restrictions of LinkedIN or a pdf resume – a professional guidebook for new employers and collaborations.

  4. Clarify your path with a Brand You workshop
    Want some help clarifying your Why, Who, What and How? Book into a personal brand workshop and over 90 minutes, I’ll ask you questions that deep dive into where you are now, where you want to be, what gives you the most joy, where is your energy best directed and who is your audience for your story.

    You can’t get to where you’re going without a point on the horizon to which to navigate. Together, we’ll uncover WHY you’re building your personal brand, WHAT you want to achieve and what this will look like, WHO is your audience and WHAT is your message. After the workshop, you get a site framework, an outline for your messaging and services, an audio recording of our conversation for you to revisit and a framework for building a site that is all about you.

  5. A guide to Building your Personal Brand site:
    With your messaging, audience and motivation clarified, my ‘Made With You’ or ‘Made For You’ website build programs is your guide or your builder for your personal brand site

    A website allows you to take different paths to see which feels the best for you and has the greatest resonance for an audience, giving you perspective on the direction you want to take. It’s live and working for you 24/7, showing your focus, professionalism, dedication and direction.