Write compelling Calls to Action

how to write great calls to action

Calls to Action (CTAs) are oxygen for your business. These small directions, on buttons and links are mighty. They’re the key to guiding visitors into your world and most importantly, into your ‘buying’ cycle – a way of ‘swiping right’ for your service and solution. I’m calling attention to them here because these barely visible…

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How do I write my UVP?

How to write a UVP

A UVP is your Unique Value Proposition – what makes You uniquely Valuable. Craft your UVP (your Unique Value Proposition), be uniquely you and be seen and heard by your audience – the people whose ears are open to your great Value and Values Your UVP (unique value proposition) is the main piece of content…

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How do I register my domain name?

Career strategy personal branding business woman in office meeting room with laptop

Register your name as your domain name (also called your URL) as your website address. A domain name should cost between $20 and $30 / year. Any more than that and you’re paying too much. Even if you have a free site on wordpress.com, wix or weebly, you should have your own domain name. Find…

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Values based brand: financial security

Values based brand financial security

Inflation, cost of living, financial sustainability is on everyone’s mind these days. It seems obvious, then, to include Financial Security as a value – there’s no point building a business that doesn’t provide financial security. It’s growing a business that will sustain you as well as deliver wealth, or even replace your income that needs…

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Building a values-based brand

Values based personal brand

Know your values, to create a brand that feels right, lures quality clients, helps build better customer relationships, creates connections, boosting the know like and trust factor and makes us money Your brand values are the deeply held beliefs that have been your guiding north star. Whether you’ve known them well or are only vaguely…

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Understand your Personal Brand from A to Z

The A-Z of a Personal Brand

Some of us know our Personal Brand outside and in. For others, it can take a little time to understand how ‘Brand’ translates to personal service, sales, products or your message. It can feel a little lofty or distant to think of yourself as a Brand. Remember, though, a brand is simply shorthand for all…

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Values based brand: Resilience and patience

Brand values patience and resilience

Resilience and its gentle sibling, Patience, are the mother values. You can’t be in a service profession, or be in business of any sort without them. Resilience helps us recover boundaries, to learn, refocus and move forward. It supports growth and change, self-awareness and self-forgiveness. It gives us the perspective and distance to transform failure…

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Values based brand: Kindness

Values based brand kindness

Enlightened philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau famously, and simply asked: “what wisdom is greater than kindness?” It is a small accessible act that can have mighty consequences and is easier to perform when its soul sister, empathy is on board. I find that if I can take a beat before descending into my less than kind…

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Values based brand: Joy

Business values Joy. happy labrador jumps toward a ball, coloured shapes in background

What purpose would Joy serve within a business? All values, personal and business have a place. For me, Joy is an essential part of life. It nourishes, replenishes, invigorates and inspires. My definition of Joy is living with passion, enthusiasm, humour and a feeling of abundance and gratitude: essentials for running your own business, especially…

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Values based brand: Curiosity

Brand values: curiosity. woman on ladder looking over high fence. blue sky above, concrete fence, concrete foreground

Curiosity makes listening easy. Being curious helps me seek out new opportunities to develop and grow, keeping me challenged and energised. It feeds my business and my drive to keep going, delivering and moving forward. Curiosity is what led me to running my own web development business after taking a redundancy from a newspaper job. Along…

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