Write compelling Calls to Action

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Calls to Action (CTAs) are oxygen for your business.

These small directions, on buttons and links are mighty.

They’re the key to guiding visitors into your world and most importantly, into your ‘buying’ cycle – a way of ‘swiping right’ for your service and solution.

I’m calling attention to them here because these barely visible yet vital pieces of copy can fall through the cracks.

So what are Calls to Action? They’re the compelling commands on your buttons and links that get your audience to move into your digital world: your site, your products, your social media, onto your mailing list.

Without them, your beautiful new site is just floating through the internet without persuading your audience, clients, employers, podcasters to take that next step and enter your digital ecosystem.

What is that next step?

Think of what you want people to do next and tell them this clearly:

  • Want your visitor to call you? – give them an active phone no. This means it’s an active field on a mobile that people can click to call.
  • Want people to fill in your contact form so you can respond in your time? Make your form safe and spam free with a captcha
  • Want people to book a chat? Sign up for a free calendly.com calendar account and fill in the times you’re free. This efficiency saves the ‘to and fro’ of guestimating time and dates.
  • Want to gather emails? Create a reward for signing up (a checklist is great – make sure it solves an urgent problem, easily) and an EDM account (electronic direct mail). I use MailChimp – the free account is very powerful.

    Tell people you’re capturing their details and send their details seamlessly onto your email list.
  • Send out valuable, problem solving, short and succinct newsletters to keep people interested in the wonderful things occurring under the banner of your Personal Brand.

Clear and Relevant

Inspire your visitor to take that next step. Use creative, but clear language that’s relevant and compelling. We need those fingers clicking and buttons pushing.

Try this:

Instead of the vague and almost invisible (to search engines especially) ‘Learn More’ or ‘Sign up’ tell the reader what joy and solutions is waiting at the other side of that link.

‘Start Now! 5 proven efficiency secrets the experts won’t tell you’

‘Start your journey to stress free living with my simple checklist’

‘Get my free checklist and build your audience in 5 easy steps’

The next step needs to be easy and fast: a button, a sign up form (first name, email and captcha). The easier the action, the more likely your audience will be motivated to take it.


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