Facebook and Insta are down…. what next?

Social media has so many benefits – it’s largely free (if you’re not advertising or boosting and we don’t count the time spent tumbling down rabbit holes) and is a great way to connect. With ecommerce in built, it’s a great way to sell product and services. It allows us to message, connect, collaborate, extend, be seen and a great deal more.

Social Media is down! What’s next?

Imagine this though: you’ve happily built up your profile and presence, followers, likes, subscribers, and sales seem to happen as fast as you can upload a new post or story. It’s great. You’ve arrived.

Then one day you wake to find facebook, insta, messenger, whats app, twitter, tik tok, are off line. Perhaps its a hack, a technical fault or a tantrum over who owns news content, or perhaps Facebook have decided you’ve violated their terms and have blocked you.

Algorithm Change:

Or, the algorithm has changed so only those paying for boosts and ads, accounts with more likes than a kardashian or those who post cat videos are preferenced in the feed and the rest of us have to pay up, skill up or give up.

The cause is not the issue.

Anyone who’s tried to get support from Facebook, now Meta, knows that knowing the cause doesn’t impact the response time (glacial) or their ability to help (negligilbe).

What is the issue is your inability to sell, connect, message, get leads, or login to countless other platforms from shopping platforms to smart tvs, that you use your facebook login to access.

This is not an insane scenario. During 2021, Facebook went down. It was out for more than 5 hours before it’s numerous outlying apps flickered back into life. It was many hours before the whole system re-stabilised. For some of us it was a welcome respite. For others, whose business is inexorably wrapped in it, or for users where it is their world and their way of staying safe and being witnessed, it had greater ramifications.

Build on your own land:

We all know that building a house on someone else’s land is poor planning. The same is true digitally. Socials are a great way to extend reach and to be among your audience, is a place to visit, not to live.

This is why your website – that carries Your Voice, Your Message and reaches Your Audience is your primary residence, not someone else’s platform.

Make a plan to create your site:

Make a list of what you need:

  1. Your domain name (yourname.com.au)
  2. Photos
  3. Home page copy
  4. About page copy
  5. Your services pages copy
  6. Testimonials from people you’ve worked with
  7. Your resume in pdf
  8. High res photos for people who want to book you
  9. Blog posts that show your expertise
  10. Contact page

This is perfect for getting you started, increasing your confidence, starting to clarify your message. If you don’t have copy for or clarity around your services pages yet, or if you don’t have testimonials for services or products yet because you’ve not started, get your home page, about page, some blog posts and your contact page online, so you can begine to build an audience.

Ban the blank page:

Checkout the home page and about page templates I’ve created here – they give you a framework to create a strong user experience and good narrative flow and explains how to craft copy, what goes where and why.

Need some help understanding what is your message? Book a call below. Let’s get you online and on your way to Brand You

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