I’m not a Kardashian – can I have a personal brand?

What is a personal brand and can i have one
Control your reputation, align with others through a well defined Personal Brand site

A Personal Brand might seem lofty, but it’s not just for Kardashians. A personal brand is for anyone who wants to step away from their lane. It’s for people in the corporate world or business owners, it’s for freelancers, mentors, coaches, authors – anyone who lives and breathes and wants to proudly say: “This is me – the sum of all my parts. These are my values and my focus and if this resonates with you, let’s work together.”

The You-shaped piece

A Personal Brand allows you to write copy that clarifies your talents and services, your motivation and your purpose, that will speak directly to your audience, clients and clientele. It brings you into focus for people looking for that piece in their jigsaw that’s exactly you-shaped – they need your skills, your process, your experience to solve their problem.

More than a resumé

It’s a useful shorthand for your personal profile, although it’s more than a resumé or LinkedIn profile. It’s a space where you control your reputation. It’s a space where you can explore your next step. It’s an adjunct to your business – where you can deepen your business brand and tell a longer, deeper story. It’s a ‘Yellow Pages’ that authentically expresses every part of you:

  • your personal ethos
  • your journey
  • testimonials that let others talk about the wonder of you
  • a speaking kit and a way to book you for engagements
  • a place to build out services and productise these so they’re easily and efficiently delivered
  • videos and social links
  • somewhere to elevate your status, gain a following and grow a community
  • all the ways to connect with you and be in the environment of you

A space to play and explore

A Personal Brand can be a space to play and explore – where you can try different pathways, and if you find that road isn’t bringing you joy, you can pivot to a different direction, all under your Personal Brand banner.

It’s a space for people for whom career or business is just one of the many things they do – a safe haven from which you can discover the next direction and wrap it up with your past experience. This gives you a way to express your integrity and expertise until you develop credibility in the new avenue.

A Personal Brand is a space to bloom.

Whether you have content ready to go, an audience in mind and clear messaging, or, you want to start building your Personal Brand but aren’t sure where to start, we can help.

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