Oh my, what’s my WHY?

The most common question I’m asked during conversations about Personal Brand sites is why should I build a website, when I’ve already got a LinkedIn profile, a paragraph on my work website, a business or ecommerce site ? 

All of these things are important when building out your digital footprint. It’s a professional expectation we have an up to date LinkedIn profile. We all know we should work that profile hard to network within that platform and beyond.

A Personal Brand, however, is something YOU control. It doesn’t go down when Facebook and Instagram take a dive. It allows a single focus and greater depth than socials, with a straightforward narrative line from your home page through your about page and your services, with blog posts giving more detail, testimonials providing social proof and a contact page to get in touch.

It’s not dependent on another platform where you are vying for space, it’s not a templated overview of your job description, it’s a place to show the full breadth of your achievements, professional, commercial, and in your personal projects. It’s a place for your audience to find and contact you easily, without the noise of a social platform or the top layers of a business website.

Co-founder and Head of Content at Storyation, Lauren Quaintance says: 
“Both the scope and design of LinkedIn feels restrictive to me. In my case there are a few different aspects to my career – journalism, public speaking, business – and it’s hard to be all things to all people but with a website I can link to different sections. “

I’ve written a blog post that explores this in a more in-depth way, that you can access here:

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P.S. If you have a second, I’d love to know in the comments below:

  • Is there anything stopping you building a Personal Brand?
  • What is the biggest struggle you’re facing with building a Personal Brand website right now?

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