Mastering seamless email integration: A step-by-step guide to linking your business domain email with Gmail

Step 1: Create Email Account through Domain Name Host

Access Domain Hosting Provider:

  • Log in to your domain hosting provider’s website (e.g., GoDaddy, Bluehost, or Namecheap).

Navigate to Email Services:

  • Locate the section related to email services or email accounts in your hosting dashboard.

Create a New Email Account:

  • Find the option to create a new email account.
  • Enter the desired email address, password, and any additional required information.

Configure Mailbox Settings:

  • Set mailbox size and any other relevant settings according to your preferences or hosting provider’s recommendations.

SMTP Server Details:

  • Ask your domain name host for your SMTP server details and keep them handy – these are needed when you’re configuring your email in Gmail

Save Changes:

  • Save the changes or follow the prompts to complete the email account setup.

Step 2: Set Up Email in Gmail for Business

  1. Open Gmail:Log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Access Settings: Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner, then select “See all settings.”
  3. Accounts and Import Tab:
    Navigate to the “Accounts and Import” tab.
  4. Add a Custom Email Address:
    In the “Check mail from other accounts” section, click on “Add a mail account.”
  5. Enter Email Address:
    Enter the email address you created through your domain host and click “Next.”
  6. Select Import Options:
    Choose either “Link accounts with Gmailify” or “Import emails from my other account (POP3)” based on your preference. The former provides better synchronization.
  7. Enter Email Settings:
    Fill in the required information:
  • Username: Your full email address.
  • Password: The password for your email account.
  • POP Server: Provided by your domain host.
  • Port: Use the appropriate port (e.g., 995 for secure connections).
  • Choose Import Options:
    Select your preferences for importing emails and click “Add Account.”

Verify Ownership:

  • You may be required to verify ownership. Follow the instructions provided by Gmail or your domain host.

Send Mail As Your Domain Email:

  • In the “Send mail as” section, click “Add another email address” and enter your domain email address.

SMTP Server Settings:

  • Enter the SMTP server details provided by your domain host.
  • Set the port to 587 and choose a secure connection (TLS).

Verify and Finish:

  • Gmail will send a verification email to your domain email address. Follow the instructions to complete the verification process.

Once the verification is successful, you can send and receive emails using your domain email address directly from your Gmail account. Your business emails will now be seamlessly integrated into your Gmail interface.

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