The Power of Receptivity: the key to sales and client success

REceptivity the key to client success image of vintage woman listening on phone line

I’ve had a great run of sales conversations lately and I’m happy to report, I think I’ve found the key to effective, efficient sales calls that land. With practice, I’ve been able to replace my sales anxiety with calm and curiosity, through Receptivity. With receptive, deep listening, I’m keyed into what this client needs. I’m…

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Mastering seamless email integration: A step-by-step guide to linking your business domain email with Gmail

SEt up your personal email through gmail photo of person at computer with phone, email icons emitting from phone

Step 1: Create Email Account through Domain Name Host Access Domain Hosting Provider: Navigate to Email Services: Create a New Email Account: Configure Mailbox Settings: SMTP Server Details: Save Changes: Step 2: Set Up Email in Gmail for Business Verify Ownership: Send Mail As Your Domain Email: SMTP Server Settings: Verify and Finish: Once the…

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Set up your domain name email in Outlook

Set up your email through outlook. photo of person at desk laptop with mobile phone, outlook logo above phone

Setting up an email account in Outlook involves two primary steps: first, creating an email account through your domain name host, and then configuring it in Outlook. Below is a step-by-step guide: Step 1: Create Email Account through Domain Name Host Step 2: Configure Email in Outlook 6. Outgoing settings: 7. Advanced Settings: 8. Test…

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Why workshop before building a Personal Brand website?

Personal brand workshop and discovery

An essential step in building you a Personal Brand website is to take you through a discovery and audit workshop. Around 90 minutes long, the purpose of the workshop is to determine your Personal Brand value proposition, outline what content you have, decide if you want us to write your content, and understand what services…

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