Thought leadership through your Personal Brand

A ‘brand’ is shorthand for your values, your message, your audience and your point of difference. Your personal brand website is a place where you can explore what a ‘brand’ means to you: to expand on and hone your area of expertise, talk to, and rally your niche audience, engage with the like-minded and your polar opposites, outside of your business or role.

Thought leadership and your Personal Brand
Thought Leadership comes from your expertise and visibility. Build this through your Personal Brand website –

It’s also a space where you can step into the leadership role you want, for your message and audience, and lead the change you want to see.

Your Personal Brand website is a safe space where you can publicly explore what ignites your passion, showing you how you want to design the next phase of your career and your life.

Is it more but better and self-directed?

Is it mentoring a new generation – showing them how to find their success, as you’ve found yours?

Or, is it a new direction entirely?

No matter what the answer is, positioning yourself as a thought leader will build your audience, build trust and build new networks.

You’re working to your strengths if you underpin thought leadership with passion. It’s far harder to commit time and maintain the learning and exploration needed to stay ahead without it. Passion makes it easier to devote time and energy as it brings its own momentum.

A passion for and deep exploration of your field is the only way to be an authentic thought leader, and build trust and a following (you can’t lead without an audience). Authenticity is impossible to approximate, and a lack of authenticity or a forced purpose is visible to even the most ill-informed.

Passion also makes it easier to stay on a path when you’re challenged. Being a thought leader means standing up and standing out, which invariably brings critique and comment. Equally, it brings a devoted following. Harnessing that energy is another part of the momentum thought leadership delivers.

Focus, passion and a safe space in which to stand out and try on your role gives you the armour that’s essential for stepping onto that next, possibly uncharted path.

“Thought Leadership is the ability to aggregate followers around ideas to educate, influence and inspire.”
– Jeanine Moss

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