Values based brand: financial security

Inflation, cost of living, financial sustainability is on everyone’s mind these days. It seems obvious, then, to include Financial Security as a value – there’s no point building a business that doesn’t provide financial security. It’s growing a business that will sustain you as well as deliver wealth, or even replace your income that needs to be considered early.

Financial Security comes from saying ‘No’ as often as it is ‘Yes’. Understanding your values and using these as a filter is an important part of this.

It’s also in knowing, seeking out, attracting your ideal client: These are people you like working with, who can afford you and afford to implement the services you deliver. Ideal clients also refer on, so your leads are circular.

Ask yourself:

  • Where will continued leads come from?
  • How can you do your best, most efficient work, that will be referred on via testimonials and word of mouth?

Working with clients who have aligned values can make this easier. You’ve already established a connection. Show them you know their problems and you are their solution within a process that allows them to stay true to their values as well.

Aligning with the right audience, the right customers and clients is essential to the continued delivery of a mindful and purposeful service – for yourself, for clients for your family and household, the community, the economy and sustained well being.

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