What’s the best voice for my website copy?

Do I use ‘I’ or ‘she’, ‘me’ or ‘they’ in my website copy?

Do I write about myself in the third person (she did this, he achieved that) or should I write as me? What’s the best voice for my website copy?

If your website is a personal site – about you, your single or small-team business, I recommend you use First Person case for your website text: ‘I build personal brand websites for successful women taking the next step’, ‘We are the video editors for your speaker reel’.

Your website is your chance to stand up and say “THIS. IS. ME! I am the solution to the problem you need to solve. I am the reason why google delivered you to my website. I am the service provider whose attentions you need immediately if not sooner.”

The 3rd person narrator of your story can give you someone to hide behind, but from an engagement perspective, it is YOU that people want to talk to. Using the distance of a narrator puts another level between you and the reader/customer/client and can seem a little odd and disembodied (who is that mystery 3rd person writing about you?)

People buy from people. It can be tricky stepping into your personal space online, but it’s a powerful message for your customers and can be a strong shift for you as well, stepping up and saying This is ME. I am strong, I am invincible – I am ME! (thanks for the paraphrasing dearest Helen Reddy)

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