Why workshop before building a Personal Brand website?

An essential step in building you a Personal Brand website is to take you through a discovery and audit workshop. Around 90 minutes long, the purpose of the workshop is to determine your Personal Brand value proposition, outline what content you have, decide if you want us to write your content, and understand what services or products you want to feature.

Together, we plot a course for the project. We workshop your audience, your messaging, where content will need to be created and anything else that will need to be delivered. We call this our Order of Priorities:

  • what service pages are needed
  • are there additional talent and resources needed for the project
  • are there products we can help you deliver?
  • how are you reaching your audience and are there sales pages or additional tasks needed here?
  • are there multiple paths you want to follow before you settle on the right one for your next phase – and how do we wrangle that within one website?

During these 90+ minute sessions, we resolve all of these questions and we get to know each other. Here we determine if working together is right for us, if our process suits you, if you’re ready to move forward with the website build, or perhaps you need more time for contemplation? We will also plot the timeframe for the website build if you are ready to proceed.

This is a model that works – it gives clarity and a pathway for next steps. It helps you understand what you want to build on, but we can’t accelerate something that you’re not already doing. Going through the audit process clarifies where you are now, before plotting a course for where you want to get to.

As the Royal Marines say, ‘time spent in reconnaissance is never wasted’. Our audit and discovery session delivers a gameplan for you, for us and for what we deliver to your audience.

Our personal branding discovery session costs $497. You’ll get a documented overview of our discussion and an audio file. With clear messaging and focus you can, if you choose, implement the content yourself, on your own site, or if you choose to continue to a website build with us, the workshop cost is redeemed against the build cost.

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