Why have a Personal Brand?

The top 3 things a Personal Brand delivers:

A brand is shorthand for the value and values you deliver. Read on to find out how growing your Personal Brand makes what you do, offer, deliver and sell memorable and distinct.

Why have a personal brand

Brand is an expectation. It’s the feeling evoked when we think of the products, solution, transformation we’ll get when we interact.

It’s how a business is described and recommended: Is it a trusted brand? Is known for quality, or a low environmental footprint? Is it niche or a great fit for everyone?

With a Personal Brand, we colour in expectations with human values: do we gel with the personality? will you transform my life? are the skills and expertise what we’re looking for. Do we trust in the expectation we’ve made the right choice? The interaction is personal and human. It’s riskier than an anonymous brand, maybe, but ultimately, its a deeper, more rewarding connection.

Here are my top 3 reasons for taking this risk for deeper connection, by being clear in what is your unique shape – your Personal Brand

  1. Boost your Profile, improves visibility, get more leads and sales 🙂
    We improve on what we work on. Crafting your Personal brand makes you clearer in your own mind so you’re clearer and more visible, to attract your audience, clients and customers.

    Creating a ‘Brand’ improves recognition. This clear, branded shape of you acts as a ‘cognitive bridge’. In recognising you, people go more quickly to that place of calm, trust and expectation in the values and solutions you deliver.

  2. Attract your niche and ideal audience for super efficiency
    Like a colour only hummingbirds can see, your clear brand will attract the people who are looking for that ‘you-shaped’ piece to solve their problem.

    Attracting ideal clients, who understand and resonate with your brand is efficiency: sales are faster solutions, transformation and client happiness occurs sooner.

    With a well defined brand, you’ll be heard by people who need your services and transformation.

  3. Branded searches shorten the buying process

    Branded searches – (people using your name in their google search) are gold. No one is you-er than you. Make your name synonymous with the expertise and value you deliver and you’ll own the expectation that those , skills are you – you are those skills.

    People looking directly for you, because you’re memorable as the beautiful, well-defined branded shape you are, are further along the buying cycle. Closing the sale is faster (after careful qualifying) and more efficient. They want you and all the great you-ness you deliver.

There are so many reasons for building your Personal Brand. This site is full of great information to help you, through the Personal Brand Pathway with either guided expert assistance, templates, or a ton of freeby goodness.


I can help even the most introverted build a Personal Brand.
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