What you need to start stopping

Stop List to save time and keep focussed to create change

Time is the ultimate non-renewable. If you’re serious about creating time for yourself, for your next step, for your family, for your fitness, for your career, for your Personal Brand and visibility, identify the extra things that are taking up your precious minutes, hours and days – things you’ll start to stop. Rules of the…

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Strategic referrals – taking the wishcraft out of getting and giving referrals

Referrals made easy with our process. business woman making a connection in an office setting

Make the most of referrals partnerships with preplanning, deep conversations and a mutual agreement Ever wondered why your requests for referrals are falling flat? Want to get beyond the vague ‘Let’s have a coffee and catchup’?In this post, learn how to have meaningful strategy conversations that produce a pool of referral channels delivering prequalified, presold…

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