The Power of Receptivity: the key to sales and client success

REceptivity the key to client success image of vintage woman listening on phone line

I’ve had a great run of sales conversations lately and I’m happy to report, I think I’ve found the key to effective, efficient sales calls that land. With practice, I’ve been able to replace my sales anxiety with calm and curiosity, through Receptivity. With receptive, deep listening, I’m keyed into what this client needs. I’m…

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Easy, effective, outstanding content creation

Make your content stand out online by playing to your strengths

If you’re anything like me, content creation is neither your super power nor your happy place. I’m never more in need of another cup of tea, or the house more in need of cleaning than when I’ve set myself the task of writing a blog post. We all know we need to do it, though……

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Know your numbers

Know your numbers and make your personal branded business a success. photo of 2 women looking at score cards

At the end of ’22 I had a sobering few months. A few of my recurring revenue clients ended their subscriptions almost at exactly the same moment as each other. I’d not landed a new client for some time and more worryingly, the cost for acquisition was rising and rising as leads needed more persuasion,…

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Why have a Personal Brand?

why have a personal brand

The top 3 things a Personal Brand delivers: A brand is shorthand for the value and values you deliver. Read on to find out how growing your Personal Brand makes what you do, offer, deliver and sell memorable and distinct. Brand is an expectation. It’s the feeling evoked when we think of the products, solution,…

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How do I register my domain name?

Career strategy personal branding business woman in office meeting room with laptop

Register your name as your domain name (also called your URL) as your website address. A domain name should cost between $20 and $30 / year. Any more than that and you’re paying too much. Even if you have a free site on, wix or weebly, you should have your own domain name. Find…

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Building a values-based brand

Values based personal brand

Know your values, to create a brand that feels right, lures quality clients, helps build better customer relationships, creates connections, boosting the know like and trust factor and makes us money Your brand values are the deeply held beliefs that have been your guiding north star. Whether you’ve known them well or are only vaguely…

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What you need to start stopping

Save time build a stop list woman sitting on desk throwing papers into the air to show stopping tasks

Time is the ultimate non-renewable. If you’re serious about creating time for yourself, for your next step, for your family, for your fitness, for your career, for your Personal Brand and visibility, identify the extra things that are taking up your precious minutes, hours and days – things you’ll start to stop. Rules of the…

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Strategic referrals – taking the wishcraft out of getting and giving referrals

Referrals made easy with our process. business woman making a connection in an office setting

Make the most of referrals partnerships with preplanning, deep conversations and a mutual agreement Ever wondered why your requests for referrals are falling flat? Want to get beyond the vague ‘Let’s have a coffee and catchup’?In this post, learn how to have meaningful strategy conversations that produce a pool of referral channels delivering prequalified, presold…

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