How do I register my domain name?

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Register your name as your domain name (also called your URL) as your website address.

A domain name should cost between $20 and $30 / year. Any more than that and you’re paying too much.

Even if you have a free site on, wix or weebly, you should have your own domain name. Find out how to register in this easy step by step guide:

  1. Purchase your own name as your domain name. It’s the most memorable, recognisable and relevant for a Personal Brand. If it’s not available, think of a variation of your name: for example, if JaneSmith isn’t free.
  2. I use Namecheap to register domain names. Click here to check your name availability
    (please note, this is an affiliate link.)
  3. Get the .com version as well as the regional version (.au;; .co. nz; Don’t be tempted by the other ‘tld’ versions – .net and .org. They’re great for NGOs, but not considered professional for a Personal or Business brand.
    I don’t recommend you get .sydney or .melbourne etc. – keep your url simple, traditional and memorable.
  4. File your domain name details somewhere safe. I use to store accounts and passwords and make explanatory notes for myself so i know what each account (oh, there are soooo many!) is for (last pass is not an affiliate link – its a great service though, and one which has saved my bacon on many an occasion)
  5. Once you decide your website platform (wordpress, square, shopify, wix), you will need to direct your domain name servers to this website, so you’ll need to come back to your account to change these details. This process is a little different with each of those platforms, so I haven’t included details here.
    Namecheap has good online chat support to help you do this, which is one of the reasons why I recommend them.

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