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When you go to the trouble of building a list and writing newsletters, you want to be sure it’s successful, relevant, opened, read and shared, use this template to get it right from the get go.

Don’t fear the weekly, fortnightly or monthly blank page – my Newsletter Template makes it easy to write succinct valuable newsletters consistently and regularly.

Like Blogging, newsletters position you as an expert. Only an expert will send information out regularly, share value and know the pain points of their audience.

Nurturing your email list helps you build a long and continued relationship. It’s a way for people to know you and understand what you do, when you can’t be meeting in peron. Here are some other great reasons for regular newslettering:

This 14-page template and overview features:

  • newsletter template
  • what makes a great newsletter – one that’s valued, opened, read and shared
  • thought starters to blow away writers block
  • a calendar / scheduler so you’ve got a year’s content up your sleeve
  • how to structure your newsletter
  • making your newsletter part of your content environment – give it a longer life by slicing and dicing newsletter content for socials
  • nurturing and segmenting your list
  • tracking and measuring success
  • FAQs



All you need to know about writing great newsletters. This template delivers:

  • technical best practice
  • newsletter structure
  • content ideas
  • a framework to help you deliver your newsletter consistently and regularly
  • a framework for measuring the success of your work.

An email list is invaluable. These addresses and contact details won’t dissolve when that social software falls over or changes algorithm, and since people have freely opted into your mailing list, they’re a warm audience, making the connection with them far easier.
Content Marketing – delivering content that’s all about You – Your Voice, Your Message to Your Audience – is the foundation for a digital marketing strategy. It’s the best way to tell a story for your brand, connect with your audience, and creates value that is also an asset. It’s the best long-term marketing strategy you can implement. Content marketing drives traffic, builds your brand reputation, creates conversation, and drives revenue.
Even after being immersed in the online marketing world for many years, I can still feel
overwhelmed with the amount of pieces that need to fit together to create a content
strategy that is manageable and effective. We’re all a little sign-up averse. The sight of our own congested inbox can possibly lead to a fear of being part of the traffic problem. Know, though, that you’re delivering value. In sharing value information you’re building trust in you as a provider of solutions.


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