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This home page template removes the terror of the blank page. I’ve given you a guide for what should go where, that works well for desktop then stacks easily for hand held devices.

Write your pitch and have it ready. You’ll use this throughout this home page, broken down into areas that tell a clear story about who you are. Google likes around 300 words to read on a page – it helps the indexing bots swing through a page easily while running interference with image files and framework code.

Follow this template and take it, tweak it and make it your own. Your home page has a few non negotiable jobs: it orients your user, assures them they’re in the right place, encourages them to stay, by giving them a clear overview of you, that reinforces why they came to your site from SERPs (search engine results page). Google is looking at how ‘sticky’ you are – whether the user who has come to your page is interested enough to stay a while, or if they’re bouncing off again. If you’re clear and compelling, can give your visitor a video overview, tell them a story that shows you are the solution to their issue, or the thought leader they need to collaborate with / book for a speaking event / sign up for their great content, you’re reducing the bounce and building an audience.

Most of my clients struggle with what to write on their home page, and what content they need to gather before they start. This template shows you what copy you need, what images and other functions support a great home page experience and will help you get online and on your way to a New Brand You.



Not sure where to start when building your website pages? Our templates give you content outlines step by step, with information about each area that tells you why you would use this, and recommended word counts.

You can use this guide to replicate the page as it appears, or design your own, including these areas, your way.


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