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Kickstart your content creation with this guide to writing SEO optimised blog posts that speak to your audience.
This multi page guide steps you through:

Why blog?
What makes an SEO-optimised blog post?
REsearching and deciding on Primary keyword phrases and Related terms
Writing for People first
Tick off the SEO boxes
Image sizes

This thorough guide also gives you information on how to schedule blog posts so you’re writing regularly, at an effective word length, for your audience and for Search Engine indexing.


Blogging sets you up as an expert and gives you an SEO advantage.
Search Engines preference an environment of information and a site that is regularly updated. Each time you blog, you’re sending Google and other search engines a signal that you’re delivering content to users. The more often you are answering questions that people are asking of search engines, the more those search engines will preference your site in the rankings
Blogging sets you apart from your competition: It’s your expertise, voice, approach and point of view.
Blogging shows you as a generous, knowledgeable expert. This first tier of free information is an essential rung on your service ladder and helps lead clients to pay for your services.
Blogging speaks to your Audience. Blog the problems your audience or niche has and the solution YOU provide – attract your audience and filter those for whom you’re not the right solution. Audience building is as much about filtering as it is attracting.
Analysing your best read content helps you understand what your audience is seeking – what’s resonating with them and how best to build services and products that solve these issues. Bundle your top 10 blogs into a book and your expert rating has just supernova’ed
Blog posts are great shorthand for conversation and networking ‘My most recent blog post covers this more deeply’…. ‘I wrote a blog about that, I’ll send you the link.’
They’re great content for LinkedIn and socials
They provide great content for newsletters – both as links back from your newsletter and a good exercise for thinking up newsletter content.

Use this easy to follow, thorough and practical guide to writing great blog post content and banish the terror of the blank page.


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