Values-based Brand: Listening

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Your brand is a mix of:

  1. The External: a consistent look and feel that calms the audience, instills trust and shortens the buyer journey through recognition
  2. The Internal: the values that guide you to consistently show up for your customers and clients in a way that is fully, personally your Brand.

The values that guide my business are not only my north star, they are the basis of my signature system: the repeatable, valuable, tried and tested process I use to help my clients express their own brand and articulate the values that drive them.

Listening is my primary value:

Being in business relies heavily on the simple act of listening: we listen for clients needs, listen for their pain points, listen for how those things marry with our solutions.

I actively and consciously listen for what is said and, allow for things to unfold without interruption.

This is an essential aspect of service provision. As the person entrusted to make real the vision of a client’s business or brand, listening and actively hearing the full account of client needs and the needs of their business and the people they serve : customers, clients, suppliers, stakeholders includes the ability to sit in the silence. Rather than interjecting, interrupting or filling a gap with what I expect to be an issue, it’s essential to allow the full breadth of a conversation to happen, silences and all.

Listening and being listened to builds trust in any relationship. It sets the standard of give and take that is a strong framework from the project.

Listening prevents essential elements from being overlooked. This could derail a project, lead to scope creep and erode good will. It protects me and protects my clients, and their clients and customers.

It’s only through knowing and understanding a client and their business that a project can move forward with ease. Although I have frameworks for my website and content creation solutions (which you can read about here), every process is crafted individually, in response to the needs of my client collaborators.

A project is only as good as the depth of understanding of business and customer needs. I can’t guess at this, it has to be gained through discussion, questioning, trust and listening.

Brand workshop

Listening is an essential part of my Brand Lab Brand Workshop.

Over a 2-hour session, you get the time, space and expertise to deeply interrogate, articulate and formulate your Personal Brand. Through guided questions and deep conversation, the Brand Lab workshop delivers:

  • clarity on the outcome you want from your Personal Brand: promotion, pay increase, change of direction, thought leadership
  • a script and a site map for your Personal Brand website and socials content and copy
  • a plan to show the values and passions you want to be known for
  • strategy for greater visibility: faster, quicker and easier
  • a road map and guide for what the destination looks like
  • a Stop List so you’re not distracted by shiny objects or lured back into projects that may be easy, but aren’t on path to brand YOU.

You can’t get to an outcome without a plan. The Personal Brand Lab focuses your intention, clears the path, writes the road map.

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