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Not sure what to write about on your About? Use this  page template and remove the terror of the blank page. It’s a guide for what should go where, that works well for desktop then stacks easily for hand held devices.

Writing an about page can be tricky, especially if you’re building a Personal Brand website. Rather than writing about you, frame your content so that you’re approaching your story from the customer, client, collaborator, or reader’s perspective. Tell the story of what you do, why you do it, what you solve, who you solve things for, the big change that led you to this point, so that people reading your page will see themselves in your words.

Start with a simple statement of what you do, that’s memorable because it states what, for who, and for what outcome, then flesh these areas out. Add an XYZ statement (it’s as easy as ABC) and some testimonials and you’re almost published.

Follow this template and take it, tweak it and make it your own. Your about page, like your home page has a few non negotiable jobs: it orients your user, assures them they’re in the right place, gives them a deeper understanding of why they should work with you, what solutions you provide for their issues, what to do next and what other people who’ve worked with you say about that experience.

Include a downloadable bio, and a downloadable high res photo if you have one.

Most of my clients struggle with what to write on their website pages, and what content they need to gather before they start. This template shows you what copy you need, what images and other functions support a great About page experience and will help you get online and on your way to a New Brand You.


Your about page is all about you, yes, but really, its about what you want your customer to say about you? Give people the information they need, to know if you are the right solution for their problem, by being as specific about what you do and what solutions you provide as you can. Telling the story of you, in relation to how you help your customer, puts the customer in the story and is the best chance for emotional engagement and connection.

Not sure where to start when building your website pages? My templates give you content outlines step by step, with information about each area that tells you why you would use this, and recommended word counts.

Use this guide to replicate the page as it appears, or design your own, including these areas, your way.


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