Make a checklist and lead funnel that works


A lead is a person whose problem we can solve. They’re a potential client or customer. They have an interest in us and our message, because what we’re doing, saying or selling is of benefit to them (financial, physical, spiritual)

Lead Generation happens when we write, create, record something that’s attractive to this interested audience. It solves a problem for them simply, quickly and efficienty and, in return, they happily give their email, allowing us to further nurture the relationship.

This process of gathering emails, storing them (with consent) in our email database, to continue to write interesting useful information to them is called building a Lead Funnel.

Attract leads to your Lead Funnel with a beneficial offer. Funnel them through to become customers, clients, collaborators by continuing to show your expertise, problem solving and generosity. Build trust in what you do, so they transition from interested to purchase, because your solution solves their problem.


If you’ve ever wondered how to make a sign up reward that really attracts people onto your email list, this is for you.

Funnel Building is transforming warm, interested leads, into clients, customers and advocates, but how do we do that in an increasingly noisy, and sign up shy marketplace?

This step by step guide will show you how to offer real value that solves one problem simply and quickly.


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